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Most of my projects are R packages, available from - more recent work is typically also available on GitHub.

Other projects: RCloud (collaborative R environment with extensive web-based interactive graphics), KLIMT (tree model visualization), contributions to R as R-core development team member, maintainer of the Mac port of R and author of the R for Mac GUI (

Some notable mentions:

  • iPlots - interactive graphics for data analysis in R. The latest versions under the codename Acinonyx is designed in particular for analyses of large data.
  • Rserve - very versatile R server for many uses including web services (see FastRWeb) or distributed computing. Related packages: RSclient (Rserve R client) and Rserve.cluster (plugin for parallel/snow to support Rserve clusters).
Other packages (in no particular order and only a subset):
rJava (Java/R interface)
iotools (distributed computing with Hadoop integration)
Cairo (cairographics R device)
OpenCL (leverage GPUs from R using OpenCL)
RCassandra (interface to Apache Cassandra)
audio (audio recording/playback)
emdist (Earth Mover's Distance)
fastmatch (replacement for match() to cache hash tables)
fastttime (fast date format/POSIXct conversion)
fastshp (tools for reading large shape files and manipulating spatial shape data)
snippets (misc. tools - mostly graphical such as Google/OSM maps for R plots, word cloud, color transformations, non-overlapping label placement, flexible plots layout, ...)
FastXML (faster replacement of the XML package)
JavaGD (Java graphics device)
xGD (remote graphics device)
jpeg, tiff, png (image format interface packages)
PKI (public key infrastructure for R)
RJDBC (access any database from R via JDBC)
multicore (now folded into R as parallel), ...